Wien 2013


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Wien fängt in meinem Hotelzimmer an. Die Lampe, der TV, der Schreibtisch, der Spiegel…zum ersten Mal sehe ich einen Tatort und zum ersten Mal bin ich ohne Freunde im Urlaub in einer fremden Stadt.

Ich bin gehemmt, komme mir in den Straßen falsch vor und kann kaum photographieren.
Irgendwann denke ich daran einfach wieder zu fahren. 3 Tage da, kaum 10 Photos auf der Rolle und kein Indiz, dass sich das noch ändern wird.

Wie photographiert man eine fremde Stadt?

Ich schlafe lang, gehe nur für ein paar Stunden raus und bin erschöpft, wenn ich wieder ins Hotel komme. Ohne Leistung, ohne Bilder.

Zum Schluss werden es doch noch zwei volle Filmrollen, 76 Photos und das Gefühl, kein einziges wäre brauchbar…


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For me, it’s a photo #5


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TriX_400-1_0005This is Frankfurt around June. I was in town for about four weeks now and knew my way around the so called bank district pretty well. On this Day however, everything was blocked off by police in full riot gear, armoured vehicles, barbed wire and steel barriers used in concerts.

Most of the  district was closed off completely. The reason: A demonstration by the german Occupy Movement. The massive police precence and the measures taken seemed to show massive fear of riots, although Occupy had stressed its plan for a peaceful demonstration.

What i did not know while wandering around: The police had cut off about 1000 protesters from the main demo and were allready holding them for several hours without any prior provocation by these protesters. This move was later criticised massively by the press (a few reporters had been attacked by the police).

In a quiet side street i noticed the police helicopter hovering above the city. I followed it a while until i got what i thought would make a nice shot and this is it.

That day i felt amolst insulted by the massive distrust from our gouvernement. It spied on the protesters and preemtively ended a peacful demonstration.

For me, this police chopper represents all that.

For me, it’s a photo. For others not.

For me, it’s a photo #4


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The day i shot this, i first worked the usual hours at my job and then went to drive home to my parents house, which is about two hours of heavy traffic away.

As i drove off the autobahn and into my old hometown the evening-light was just teriffic, so i decided to leave my car at the side of the road and try to make some photos despite being exhausted. The light faded quickly, but i was convinced, i had some pretty good shots in the bag.

Two months later, after getting the negatives back from my lab and scanning them, i found, that i had failed at most shots. The Sky too bright, the lights of the little fair below too dark and tiny. The only shot i really liked was one of the last i took that day and you see here.

I stood beside a soccer field and this flag swerved leisurely in the evening breeze. I made two shots, mainly to get the flag in a “good position”. I decided this one was the better shot, because of the floodlight in the upper left corner.

Also the whole scene reminded me of a similar photo or movie shot, i’ve seen a few years ago.

For me, it’s a photo, for others not.

For me, it’s a photo #3


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A much valued friend of mine told me big news today. She made a big, live changing decision. One that takes courage. Now she’s in a phase were she’s reaching for her dream and it reminded me of this photo.

I took it in a barber shop where another friend of mine converted his long hair into dreads. I tagged along with my camera and an old film, which, as you can see, turned out to be too old. But it adds something.

As the barber reached down, i did not know what he would pick, if it would be the right tool, if my friends dreads would look good, if it was the right decision.

In the end, it was. And i know it will be for my other friend.

I dedicate this post to you, C.

You earned my utmost respect, my trust and much more. Whenever, however you need help, just let me know.

For me, it’s a photo #2


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I formed the habit of looking down sidestreets, into backalleyways and house entrances, because a lot of stuff is going on just outside our normal area of attention. People walk by the most interesting things without even knowing it.

This is how i came across this passage. I wandered down a street, looked to the right and there it was. Someone walked past on the other side. I readied my camera, focus, aperture, and i waited. No one came by. I made one shot, just in case. With a low shutter speed (1/8th of a second) i didn’t really believe a handheld shot would produce a good result anyway.

I was surprised then. Very surprised. The stone walls have a metallic feel to it and so does everythign else. Every detail is discernible. The bike on the left gave it the final touch.

For me, it’s a photo. For others…not.

For me, it’s a photo #1


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He walks past me, i don’t press the shutter release. Someone else is in the frame with him. Damn. This would have been a photo. I stay, i like the background and snap away at some other passersby. Little groups, couples, single people. Asian tourists, filming and photographing, completely unaware of me.

This is a good spot.

Finally, the guy from the begining again. No one else coming. Perfect. I tilt my camera a little (an accidential move). Click.

A few months later, i get the negatives back from the lab, scan them and look through this series of ten or twelve pictures. None of them are any good, except this one. There are a few errors around the guys face (on film or from scanning, i don’t know), the angle is crooked and he was moving too fast. I emmediately like it.

For me, it’s a photo, for others … not.


Winter Ghosts


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For the last three months i’ve been rather busy by day, so the only time left for shooting was after dark.

Since i met some rather big changes in location and work in autumn last year and the transition wasn’t as smooth as i had expected (or hoped, for that matter), these photographs also represent my feelings at the time very well.

To be honest, i was astonished how much of my mood and overall state of mind got translated into my photographic work. I always considered myself the small soldier marching on unwaveringly no matter what… It seems, i have to correct that selfimage.

But spring is here and it looks like i’ll soon be able to improve my situation considerably. It seems like a dull cliche, but if you don’t act, nothing will change.

At last a small wish: Don’t rush from picture to picture! Take your time and discover the details! In most of the photos, they are what made me push the release button and they are the key to this series.


02_Iluminated Candy



05_Shattered Vodka









14_Up from the club

15_The three gates to human rights

Zwei Jahre


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Vor fast zwei Jahren, ich war noch nicht in meine neue WG umgezogen, hast du mich beim Mittagessen in der Mensa gefragt, was mich im Leben hält. Ich kannte dich damals nicht und auch jetzt tue ich das nicht, aber ich erinnere mich an dich.

Es war ein sehr kalter Tag, klar und windstill. Deine wirren Haare und scheinbar willkürliche Kleiderauswahl haben mich fasziniert, du warst schön. Heute ist es weder kalt noch klar.Am Tisch saß außer dir und mir noch S., durch die ich überhaupt erst hier mit dir am Tisch saß. Wir hielten beide mit ihr zusammen ein Referat, allerdings in unterschiedlichen Kursen.

Ich habe überlegt, was ich antworten kann. Neuen Bekanntschaften gegenüber bin ich nicht sehr zutraulich. Ich hatte Angst, zu viel zu sagen, wollte dich aber nicht abspeisen, deshalb sollte meine Antwort zweigeteilt sein, aber der zweite Teil ging im Lachen unter. S.s Lachen, das gut gemeint war. “Naja, als erstes natürlich Essen und Trinken, aber (und diesen Part hast du nicht gehört) ehrlich gesagt, weiß ich es nicht. Darüber müsste ich nachdenken.”

Ich weiß es auch heute noch nicht, aber ich denke immer wieder daran. Und an dich. Einen Teil der Antwort kenne ich aber mittlerweile: die Photographie und das Schreiben, so wie jetzt zum Beispiel. Ein anderer Teil sind sicher meine Freunde und meine Familie, obwohl ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob sie mich im Leben halten oder in der Art Leben, wie ich es jetzt führe und das mir nicht gefällt.

Du warst damals enttäuscht von meiner Antwort, jedenfalls sah es so aus.
Vielleicht gefällt dir diese hier besser.


PS: Du scheinst es auch nicht gewusst zu haben und warst nicht glücklich damit. Weißt du es schon?


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