Winter Ghosts

For the last three months i’ve been rather busy by day, so the only time left for shooting was after dark.

Since i met some rather big changes in location and work in autumn last year and the transition wasn’t as smooth as i had expected (or hoped, for that matter), these photographs also represent my feelings at the time very well.

To be honest, i was astonished how much of my mood and overall state of mind got translated into my photographic work. I always considered myself the small soldier marching on unwaveringly no matter what… It seems, i have to correct that selfimage.

But spring is here and it looks like i’ll soon be able to improve my situation considerably. It seems like a dull cliche, but if you don’t act, nothing will change.

At last a small wish: Don’t rush from picture to picture! Take your time and discover the details! In most of the photos, they are what made me push the release button and they are the key to this series.


02_Iluminated Candy



05_Shattered Vodka









14_Up from the club

15_The three gates to human rights

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