For me, it’s a photo #1


He walks past me, i don’t press the shutter release. Someone else is in the frame with him. Damn. This would have been a photo. I stay, i like the background and snap away at some other passersby. Little groups, couples, single people. Asian tourists, filming and photographing, completely unaware of me.

This is a good spot.

Finally, the guy from the begining again. No one else coming. Perfect. I tilt my camera a little (an accidential move). Click.

A few months later, i get the negatives back from the lab, scan them and look through this series of ten or twelve pictures. None of them are any good, except this one. There are a few errors around the guys face (on film or from scanning, i don’t know), the angle is crooked and he was moving too fast. I emmediately like it.

For me, it’s a photo, for others … not.


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