For me, it’s a photo #2


I formed the habit of looking down sidestreets, into backalleyways and house entrances, because a lot of stuff is going on just outside our normal area of attention. People walk by the most interesting things without even knowing it.

This is how i came across this passage. I wandered down a street, looked to the right and there it was. Someone walked past on the other side. I readied my camera, focus, aperture, and i waited. No one came by. I made one shot, just in case. With a low shutter speed (1/8th of a second) i didn’t really believe a handheld shot would produce a good result anyway.

I was surprised then. Very surprised. The stone walls have a metallic feel to it and so does everythign else. Every detail is discernible. The bike on the left gave it the final touch.

For me, it’s a photo. For others…not.

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