For me, it’s a photo #3

A much valued friend of mine told me big news today. She made a big, live changing decision. One that takes courage. Now she’s in a phase were she’s reaching for her dream and it reminded me of this photo.

I took it in a barber shop where another friend of mine converted his long hair into dreads. I tagged along with my camera and an old film, which, as you can see, turned out to be too old. But it adds something.

As the barber reached down, i did not know what he would pick, if it would be the right tool, if my friends dreads would look good, if it was the right decision.

In the end, it was. And i know it will be for my other friend.

I dedicate this post to you, C.

You earned my utmost respect, my trust and much more. Whenever, however you need help, just let me know.

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