For me, it’s a photo #5



TriX_400-1_0005This is Frankfurt around June. I was in town for about four weeks now and knew my way around the so called bank district pretty well. On this Day however, everything was blocked off by police in full riot gear, armoured vehicles, barbed wire and steel barriers used in concerts.

Most of the  district was closed off completely. The reason: A demonstration by the german Occupy Movement. The massive police precence and the measures taken seemed to show massive fear of riots, although Occupy had stressed its plan for a peaceful demonstration.

What i did not know while wandering around: The police had cut off about 1000 protesters from the main demo and were allready holding them for several hours without any prior provocation by these protesters. This move was later criticised massively by the press (a few reporters had been attacked by the police).

In a quiet side street i noticed the police helicopter hovering above the city. I followed it a while until i got what i thought would make a nice shot and this is it.

That day i felt amolst insulted by the massive distrust from our gouvernement. It spied on the protesters and preemtively ended a peacful demonstration.

For me, this police chopper represents all that.

For me, it’s a photo. For others not.

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